48" 3 in1 Rubber Push Broom with Long Handle MPB001 for Home

MATCC Pet Hair Removal Broom 3 in1 with Squeegee Edge & Clip Cloth Brush Head for Household Cleaning
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  • 3 IN 1 MULTIFUNCTIONAL USE: The rubber bristles sweeper can quickly remove pet hair inside the carpet or rug; You can use all-purpose squeegee wipe off water or garbage everywhere; When you want deeper cleaning, you can attach towel to the clip cloth brush head to with detergent

  • SUPER WELL-SET BRUSH HEAD: The rubber brush head is tightly connected--The rubber bristles and thick plastic top are connected together by middle beam structure. In order to increase firmness of the structure, 4 SCREWS are embedded in the front of rubber brush head.No glue used at all!

  • CLIP CLOTH BRUSH SETTING: MATCC rubber push broom can attach microfiber cleaning cloth to the two buckles, then you can stand and clean the floor comfily, it will prevent you from buying multiple different mops over and over again. And you can also use detergent or disinfectant for deep cleaning.

  • MORE REASONABLE DESIGN: MATCC broom add soft&elastic EVA sponge in the middle pole, is ergonomic and increases the comfort of the grip; Overall length of the handle is 48inch,is the right length suitable for most people; Long handle is made of high-quality stainless steel, it has sufficient strength to support long-term use, will not break easily.

  • MATCC CUSTOMER SERVICE: MATCC Customer Service Team will handle your questions online 24 hours a day! If you have any questions, please contact us in time.

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MATCC Rubber Push Broom Pet Hair Remover Brush


rubber broom

  • MATCC rubber broom can effectively remove all kinds of hair on the floord or carpet.With 3IN1 design: After cleaning the hair with rubber bristles, hair and garbage are collected by squeegee edge. Finally, microfiber cleaning cloth can be attached to the brush head for deeply cleaning
  • This broom with a thickened stainless steel handle that maximizes the pressure, won't break easily!


  • Brand: MATCC
  • Model: MPB001
  • Total Length: 48in
  • Item Weight: 1.32lb
  • Broom Head Size: 13in x 3.94in x 2.76in
  • Material: Stainless Steel+EVA+TPR+PP
  • Color: Orange&Black

Special Brush Head Structure

Screw the brush head instead of glue


  • MATCC has studied many some kind rubber brooms, found that many of them use glue to fix the structure, which is prone to fall off and will not last long.
  • The whole brush head with thickened material and integrated design. The top of the head is tightly connected with the bristle part.To increase the tightness of the two sections,4 SCREWS are embedded in the front of rubber brush head

Package Include:
  • Stainless Steel ×3
  • Broom Head ×1

More details on MATCC RUBBER BROOM

Squeegee Edge

Clip Cloth Brush Head

package include

13" Super Wide Squeegee

  • 13" wide squeegee for daily cleaning purposes, with edges wide enough to remove most of the hair or trash at once
  • This function can also be used in the bathroom, toilet, glass, etc., where is water stain.

Clip Cloth Brush Head

  • The most special design: the brush head have two buttons can jam the towel or microfiber cleaning cloth
  • After basic cleaning, you can attach large wet wipes or towels to the brush head for easy and quick deep cleaning of all areas,avoid using multiple cleaning tools

Package Including

  • Stainless Steel ×3
  • Broom Head ×1

Please confirm the connecting part is tightened when assembling the broom.Especially the connection between head and handle,make sure that the thread is fully screwed in and tightened.



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Customer Reviews
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Jenna Leroy
Works great!
This is worth money, built well and easy to use. I have a small shag and lifts dirt and pet hair up well. Works well.


Jenna Leroy
Works great!
This is worth money, built well and easy to use. I have a small shag and lifts dirt and pet hair up well. Works well.
Throw away your old broom.
I got this because I have 2 guinea pigs and I'm messy, they're messy so hay inevitably gets on the carpet. Vacuum cleaners do not like hay. I get to work with this magnificent rake and it is amazing. I also shed and the vacuum picks up quite a bit of my hair. Imagine my surprise when I start using this and realize that my freshly vacuumed carpet is hiding mountains of dog and human hair. I am never living without this again.
Does the Job!
I have cream carpeting. A black cat that sheds. This works well to assist with vacumimg the carpets. Some times I just use the rake to address the stairs. Perfect for my needs.
I love this thing!!
I bought this broom based on the tons of great reviews and I am not disappointed. I love this broom! It is lightweight but sturdy. I have used it on tile floors and carpet and it does a great job of getting the pet hair, lint, and dirt. I like this so much better than our traditional push broom. There is also a squeegee for doing the house windows and the car windows. I highly recommend it.
Perfect to get out deep pet hair!
If you have any kind of animal that touches your carpet or hardwood floor and sheds hair.....This product is for you. I have a 167lb bull mastiff and I have hardwood and carpet. I had a pile of dog hair. You Dead Azz must get this broom!! After that you will find that you have a better life.
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