Car Wash Brush with Squeegee Edge 10

Car Wash Brush with Squeegee Edge 10" Brush Head

MATCC Long Handle Car Wash Brush Kit with Squeegee Edge 10" Brush Head for Auto RV & Truck & Boat & Pool Deck
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  • ABOUT 2 IN 1 BRUSH HEAD: The bristles is made of high-quality PVC brush wire, soft and protecting the surface during cleaning without creating disturbing scratches; Squeegee is durable rubber wrapped on, can quickly remove water stains without leaving any traces.

  • NOT JUST FOR CAR WASH: You can use it when cleaning exterior walls or glass of the house, cleaning cars, trucks, boats, decks for more detailing, even household cleaning, you can clean the floor, bathroom, terrace, etc by the MATCC brush.

  • THINK MORE FOR YOU: The overall length of the brush is 51.8inch, so you dont have to bend down; Pole is made of lightweight aluminum material will not consume too much effort ; Add flexible non-slip sponge in where you need force that you will more comfortable.

  • THREADED CONNECTION: The threaded connection is ACME 3/4"Thread, can not only connect the handle of MATCC but also fit the standard 3/4"Male Thread poles.Durable integrated thickened plastic connection, don't worry about shedding when using.

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MATCC Car Wash Brush Long Handle Wash Brush Kit with Squeegee Edge Car Wash Equipment with 10"Brush Head for Auto RV Truck Boat Pool Deck

More Advantages

1.Refined bristles can cooperate perfectly with water and foam, will not leave scratches in the car
2.The built-in Squeegee edge can easily take away the water droplets on the car body and the glass
3.Rubber bumper on both sides of brush head. When you swing wash brush, will not damage anything
4.ACME 3/4"Thread can be used with most handles in your home, increasing the possibility of using the brush head
5.Handle is made of lightweight but sturdy aluminum material,Not easy to break, saving effort
6.The elastic sponge is added to the middle handle to increase the comfort of use
7.The handle is removable, if you don’t use it for long time, you can also disassemble the brush and save it
8.In winter, you can also use the car wash brush to remove snow. It is a multifunctional brush!

Brand: MATCC
Product Name: Car Wash Brush
Total Length: 51.8in
Color: Orange&Black
Item Weight: 1.28lb
Brush Head Size: 10.43in x 4.13in x 4.13in(26.5*10.5*10.5cm)
Material: Aluminum+PVC+TPR+PP

Package Include:
Aluminum Poles×3

Brush Head ×1



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