Foam Cannon I for Sun Joe SPX Series Pressure Washer

Foam Cannon I for Sun Joe SPX Series Pressure Washer

MATCC Adjustable Foam Cannon I with Brass Quick Connector & M22-14mm Connector(1L Bottle) for SPX Series Pressure Washers
  • Fit: Special designed for SPX Series Pressure Washers, brass quick connector fit for SPX1000, SPX1500, SPX2000, SPX2500, SPX6000; foam lance fit SPX4000, SPX4001 if using M22-14mm Connector.

  • Brass Quick Connector: Main body of nozzle is solid brass, more durable than common or plastic connector for long term use. Thickened bottle neck for more strong and not easy to break.

  • Easy to Use: Adjust top knob to regulate water, minus (-) sign indicates less water and more foam, the (+) indicates more water and less foam. Adjust the Spray nozzle to get a proper spray pattern.

  • Requirement: Require pressure washer to have 70BAR/1000 PSI pressure and 2.0Gpm flow for using. Maximum pressure: 200BAR/3000PSI; Maximum flow:5.3Gpm. Highest Water Temperature: 60℃/140℉.

  • Multiple Use: Car, motorcycle, floors, windows washing, driveways, roofs, siding washing and so on. Ideal for enthusiast or professional use. It can be directly connected to the pressure washer gun.

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foam cannon

MATCC Adjustable Foam Cannon I

MATCC Foam Cannon make a Great Foam for washing your vehicles or equipment. You need a pressure washer to connect.

The foam cannon can be used for car, motorcycle, floors, windows, driveways, roofs, siding washing and so on. 

Ideal for enthusiast or professional use.

SPX foam cannon

- Make a Great Foam for car wash.

Only fit SPX Series Pressure Washers

- Adjustable spray nozzle,Easy to operate. 

- Brass material, Rustproof, Durable. 

- Bigger bottle Capacity to wash whole car. 

Professional Service Respond


Interface: G1/4"F
Requires pressure: 70BAR-1000PSI
Maximum pressure: 200BAR - 3000PSI
Requires Flow: 2.0Gpm
Maximum flow: 5.3Gpm
Material: Plastic& metal
Highest Water Temperature: 60℃/140℉
Size:10.63”x 3.15” (27x8cm)

foam cannon


  • Only fit SPX Series Pressure Washers and gun, please check your washer before purchase, and garden hose don't fit.
  • Brass quick connector fit SPX1000, SPX1500, SPX2000, SPX2500,SPX2597,SPX2598, SPX6000,SPX1000E; foam lance fit SPX3001,SPX3500, SPX4000, SPX4001 if use M22-14mm Connector.
  • Wash the Foam Nozzle after using by Clean Water.Avoid the filter blocked by soap leftover.

Some Tips when using SPX Series Foam Lance:
Fill the bottle with hot/warm water before adding soap -- Help your solution mix together.
Adjust the spray nozzle first to find the stream of water that works for you. Can be adjusted to spray in a decent fan pattern.
Adjust knob on the top to control water mix in. Minus (-) sign for less water (so more foam), the (+) for more water (so less foam).

SPX Snow Foam Cannon, ideal for enthusiast or professional use.

snow foam cannon

foam cannon

high pressure jet wash

jet wash

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Order latest version of foam cannon for Sun Joe SPX series: Click here

Customer Reviews
4.65 / 5.0
83 reviews
View All >
Great foam cannon
Works awesome!
June 27, 2020


Average rating:
4.65 / 5.0
Great foam cannon
Works awesome!
June 27, 2020
Works great
Worked great
May 30, 2020
It does fit my SunJoe SPX200E, but the does not work well.
I primarily went with this foam cannon over SunJoe's foam cannon due to price and sturdy design. After reviewing the connections, SunJoe's inside diameter for the connection is a little different than MATCC's connetion. This affected the pressure, which led to soapy water to come out of my pressure washer. Unlike many of their models, the SunJoe SPX200E has a max PSI of 1350 and operating PSI of 850. I would not recommend an aftermarket foam cannon to someone who has a low PSI pressure washer for a foam cannon. Excellent buy for anyone who has a 2000+ PSI pressure washer.
May 21, 2020
Creates great foam from SPX4000
I was trying to find the correct answer with Mixed results. I have the Sun Joe SPX4000 and this unit does mount to it. However it does not just snap in to the quick connect at the very end of the spray wand. You have to unscrew the spray wand from the handle (near the trigger) and then this foam cannon screws in. It takes less then a minute to do so it is "quick" but it is not a true quick connect. This was by no means a deal breaker for me. I only used it once so far after receiving it. I used Chemical Guys Max Suds II cherry soap and added 3 ounces of soap and then topped off with hot water. I completed covered two cars with nice thick foam and still had 1/2 a bottle left. Good to know I can do 1 car with an ounce of soap give or take. So far I see no reason why you should buy the 100.00 units over this one.
May 17, 2020
Gerardo mendoza
It’s not what I expected
Damage box it’s not good the quality
May 07, 2020
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